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Latest Health Care News

We are  encouraging all  our patients to  get  their flu shots  now. We have  the vaccines  for both adults  and kids,  and can  often provide  the  flu vaccine  for Key Peninsula  residents  who don't usually come to our  office for their care.. This year  it  is especially important  to get  the flu shot- we  can prevent  influenza  , but so far  our  best  prevention  for Covid 19  is  masks,  social distancing, and limiting  unnecessary exposure.  If   someone  contracts   both the  corona  virus  and the influenza virus,   the  health effects  are  more likely  to be  significant. Protect  yourself  and  your  family by getting a flu shot.

We  are in the process  of   changing  our  electronic medical record to one  that  allows  easier  access  for our patients. Bear  with this  doing the transition. We  are  also  working on expanding   the services  provided   at  our office  in Key Center  with new  providers  and services  in 2021, Watch this space  for more  new to come !

Happy Holidays  and stay safe!