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Latest Health Care News

4/8/18 New Shingles Vaccine
There is a new shingles vaccine called Shingrix,   that is more  effective in preventing shingles and the complications of shingles than the prior vaccine. It consists of two shots , the second one is given 2-6 months after the first. Patients over  50 years old are advised to get it. It is available at CostLess  an other local pharmacies, and is covered by Medicare.   

4/8/18 New Medicare numbers and ID cards
Medicare is going to be issuing new  Medicare ID numbers to all Medicare  recipients, and will no longer be using the patient's social security number. Medicare will be mailing the new cards  soon, with the new number on it. The transition for this  is expected to take up to a year, but look for your new card in the mail soon.