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Latest Health Care News

As  we all deal with the  current health care crisis, we at the  Key Medical Center  are  striving to   care for our existing patients and our community.  We  strongly recommend  following  the current guidelines  of  maintaining social distances. This may mean that  you  don't want to venture  out  of your  home for routine  office  visits that could be handled by other means. To  keep you  safe and still provide care, we  are set up to   do telephone  or computer based  video visits with you in your home.  If you have a current appointment   or have a medical need, call our receptionist at 253-884-9221  to see if this is something  that can be handled  without   coming to the office.  We are open for visits that  require the patient to be seen  and  we are doing  testing  for the COVID19 virus  in the parking lot  at the office for those  individual that meet the  screening  criteria.  If you have  questions about this, you can  ask to talk to one of our staff members at the above  number.
We  are also  trying  to provide services  for residents of the Key Peninsula  that  are not currently members of our practice,  so if  you  have  a medical need that  we may be able to help with , give us a call.